Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Giving Is More Rewarding Than Taking

There was once a pizza delivery driver named Sam. Every shift he would take the orders that he knew would gain him the highest tips.

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One day Sam was asked to take a pizza to an address he had never been to. When he arrived he saw it was a small house with a tattered yard. Sam was disappointed, because he knew he wouldn’t make a good tip at this house.

He knocked on the door and when a man answered Sam gave the man his small cheese pizza. Just as he had expected, the man gave him only one dollar as a tip. “I’m so sorry, this dollar is all I have" said the man.

Sam was frustrated that he had driven so far for such a small tip, but what happened next surprised him. The man turned around and called his children to the door.

“Hey, kids,” said the man “Do any of you have anything we can give to this nice man for bringing us our pizza?” One by one, the man’s children stepped forward and emptied their pockets. The man handed Sam all that change.

Sam was overwhelmed by the generosity of this family. When he got back to the restaurant, Sam made three large pizzas, two large orders of wings, and three orders of bread sticks. He paid the food himself, then took all of it back to the house that he had just been to. 

When the man opened his front door and saw that what Sam had brought he burst into tears and said “I wish there was some way I could repay you for all of this!” 

“No,” insisted Sam. “In fact...” Sam reached into his pocket and pulled out the tip the family had given him. He handed the dollar and change back to the man and said, “Keep the change.”

~~Author Unknown~~

 Five years ago: A First Time For Everything


  1. Thank you for this lovely meaningful story.

  2. Very nice -Christine

  3. Nice. (No smarty pants comment for this one.)

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful message!

  5. A great Message, sometimes the actions and predicaments of other people puts everything in perspective, doesn't it?

  6. oh that made me cry dear Kathy !
    i agree there is first time for everything
    and this time Sam's tip was priceless and for ever treasured in his soul as peace of mind :) hugs

  7. We could really use more folks like Sam these days.

  8. If only we all went the extra mile with kindness.

    1. That would make the world a much nicer place.

  9. Oh gosh... What a very sweet story.