Wednesday, December 24, 2014

What? Me Worry!?!

Tomorrow is, of course, Christmas Day.

Today has been a flurry of cooking, cleaning, and errands.  Hubby Tony made two separate trips to the airport to pick up arriving out-of-town children and spouses.  We'll open presents in the morning, then regroup and get ready for the extended family who will arrive mid-afternoon.

How many people will be here for dinner?  I don't know.  Could be as few as14.  Could be 16 or 18.  If it's the larger number there will also be preschoolers and toddlers in attendance.  Years ago the uncertainty would have me in a panic.  Now?  Whatever.....

I planned food for the maximum number.  (In my book leftovers are never a bad thing.)   The dining room table is completely stretched out and oriented diagonally to make room for a card table in one corner. Between those tables we're good for 14. If more people show up I can get out more china and silverware and squeeze a couple more at the main table or have some people eat in the kitchen. 

It's all good.

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