Monday, December 22, 2014


In the last eight days we've only seen the sun once (and that was a fleeting glance).  The other days we've had clouds, gloom, and more clouds.  Sometimes precipitation comes with the clouds, sometimes not.

It's the last push before Christmas.  I have a lot to get done, but this morning when I woke up to the sound of raindrops hitting the roof it was hard to get out of bed.  The darkness really put me in a funk,  but I still managed to get a lot done.  I:
  • went to the gym and ran a couple of errands, including navigating through a gauntlet of crazed basket-pushing shoppers at the grocery store.
  • came home and took a long, hot shower, then cleaned the shower stall.
  • cooked and froze some dishes for later in the week.  One of them called for separated eggs, and there were two that didn't perform as they should have soI scrambled them and tossed them in the large salad I made for dinner.
  • listened to holiday tunes on my favorite community radio station.
  • wrapped the last of the Christmas presents and hid them with the others.  I can't put them under the tree yet, though.  A couple of them would be of real interest to the cats.
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  1. How interesting. My daughter told me it was raining in Illinois today and it was cloudy and drizzly all day here in Hawaii also. I'm wishing you a sunny Christmas day.

    1. Christmas IS the one day in the five-day forecast that's supposed to be sunny. I don't know if I'll remember what it's like.

  2. I woke to sunshine and blue skies yesterday. Grabbed the camera on the way to work and took one picture. By noon, overcast grey skies again, and the same this morning. The sun is sorely missed.

    1. As I type it's less-than-gloomy, and it looks like the sun might be trying to come out from behind the clouds. We'll see