Friday, December 12, 2014

Returning To The Scene

Today I did evaluating at two different malls, one of which has the Customer Service desk I used to work at.

I've driven by the mall several times in the last two months, but this was the first time I'd gone in since my last day as an employee.  It felt strange getting into the turn lane off the highway and pulling into the mall parking lot becauseI didn't have on my work uniform, my water bottle, or any of the things I used to bring to keep myself occupied when the mall was slow.

The lot was full of holiday shoppers, and I knew there'd be a fight for the prime parking spaces.  I figured if I went up to the roof of the garage where I used to park it wouldn't be as busy.  Sure enough, when I rounded the last corner and pulled onto the roof  'my' parking space (the second one on the right right across from an entrance to the mall) was waiting for me.

 Once I got into the mall I took the closest escalator down to the first floor.  I noticed on my way to the store that Santa had set up shop in his usual area, but there were also two new kiosks and some new signs. 

I completed my business and rather than backtracking I decided to go by the Customer Service desk on the way out, hoping I could say hello to my old boss.   He wasn't there, and I didn't recognize the woman sitting behind the desk; she was either my replacement or the temporary hire for the holidays.

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  1. Sounds like your evaluating is going well!

  2. Doesn't it feel odd to go back to a place where you had a specific task and responsibility but are no longer a part of that? I have found it nearly impossible to return to the old high school where I taught for 21 years. I am no longer in charge of anything and so many new teachers have come onboard that I am not recognized, either.

    1. It DID feel strange. I was in the mall for about ten minutes and didn't see anyone I knew.