Sunday, December 14, 2014

Spruce Up The Spruce

Although our house has already been sporting Christmas decorations inside and out, we didn't put the tree up until today.  I think tree trimming is a job properly done with a group, and this is the first day everyone living in the house was available to participate.

Over the years we've figured out a pretty good tree setting-up distribution of labor. First, everyone pitches in to carry the artificial tree pieces up from the closet under the basement stairs and helps put them together. Next the males go off to test the lights, then they string them on the tree. Once that's done everyone pitches in to put the ornaments on.  After the ornaments are in place, whoever feels so inclined pitches in to string the garland. 

(The cats wait until the end, when the tree skirt is spread, to do their own decorating underneath the tree.)

While the men are figuring out which light strands need attention, my job is to be the tree 'fluffer'.  I straighten out the branch tips that got bent when we stuffed the tree back into the box last year, then position the branches to cover all the gaps.  The job takes a while to do well.  Usually I get bored with it halfway through and give the rest of the tree short shift. 

This year after we got the tree set up Hubby Tony and Son Donald left for about an hour to do a volunteer job.  That gave me extra time to do my fluffing.  When boredom set in I was able to walk away come back later.  By the time they returned home the tree was shaped better than it's been for years!


  1. I haven't even thought about decorating for Christmas yet. Finals end this week, so I hope to get some stuff put out then.

    1. I remember those days! I hope you get a nice long break after the semester finally finishes.

  2. I also use an artificial tree but I do it all myself.

  3. This year I bought a decorated live tree at Whole Foods. Made the whole thing very easy. Just brought it home and plugged in the lights, which were already wrapped around the tree. Putting lights on the tree always makes me crazy.