Tuesday, August 30, 2022

One Less Travel Annoyance

Over the past few years Hubby Tony and I have taken multiple flights to California to visit our kids and grand kids. As long as both Son Tony's and Son Brian's families continue to live halfway across the country I can't see our habits changing.

One of the things I kept meaning to get around to is signing up for TSA PreCheck, a program from the Department of Homeland Security that streamlines the airport screening process. A couple of weeks ago the task made it to the top of the list. Tony and I both completed the online portion of the application, then we scheduled back-to-back appointments to complete the in-person portion.

Today was In-Person Day at an office on a business campus fifteen minutes away. Even though we parked the wrong garage, we had enough time to get some steps in before it was time to find the designated office and sign in. There were two other people waiting ahead of us, and when the associate came out she told all four of us to follow her to an office in the back of the building. 

The other two people completed the process, then left. It was my turn. I had to verify my information, show my passport, do a digital fingerprinting, have my photo taken, and pay the fee. ($85 for five years.) Tony and I walked out of the building 30 minutes after we arrived. On the way to the car we both received emails that our enrollment had been received. 

After the TSA completes the background check and approves me I will get a Known Traveler Number (KTN). I'll be able to add the information to airline loyalty programs, so when I book flights my boarding pass will show that I can go through the expedited security screening line. Taking off my shoes and belt, taking out any liquids in my carry on, and pulling out my laptop will be a thing of the past.


  1. That's probably the equivalent of a 'confidential' security clearance.

    1. I had to research the phrase. I had no idea there were so many levels of security clearances.

  2. I did that GOES (precheck) thing and it's been working all this time until our trip in May. Hmmm... I need to call them and ask what gives!