Monday, August 29, 2022

Custom Cup Of Joe

Since the beginning of August the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team have been on a tear, winning 20 games and only losing 6. In 11 of those wins they've scored six or more runs. That means the next day Mobil on the Run, a local gas station and convenience store chain, sells coffee and fountain drinks for only 60 cents. 

Hubby Tony and I try to take advantage of the special price whenever we can. Sometimes I'll get a soda or a frozen drink, but my usual go-to is a cup of coffee. Most of the locations we visit brew large urns of drip coffee, and when there's a lot of people coming they often have a hard time keeping up with the demand.  Today we visited a location that had a fancy on demand system.

(That's my insulated cup underneath the spigot receiving the freshly-ground and brewed Sumatra Mandheling beans. I got tired of using disposable foam cups, so earlier in the summer I got one I could keep in my car.)

The machine was easy to use. On the touch screen you pick one of the three bean options, indicate what size you want, tell the machine if it should leave room for cream, then put the cup underneath the spigot and start the process. Approximately one minute later the coffee was ready.

There were also directions to make iced coffee, which I might have to try the next time I'm there. It's only the second inning of tonight's game, but the team has already scored 6 runs.

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  1. I wonder if this program would help the Cleveland Guardians!

  2. 60 cents is a good deal why not.

  3. wish the Royals were doing as well...That "on demand" machine sounds interesting!!

  4. 12 to 4 in the 6th inning. Game delayed by rain but it looks like it may restart soon.

  5. You're Cardinals are doing great (and, bonus, getting you a coffee deal). My Red Sox? Not so much.

  6. That is a fancy coffee maker! Sigh, I'm so jealous of your team. Our Tigers are doing awful this season!