Thursday, January 6, 2022

Crossing My Fingers...

I was at the post office today to mail a package that contained a cute little glass tumbler. When I bought the glass, the store associate wrapped it tightly in a large sheet of paper. In preparation for mailing it, I swaddled the wrapped glass inside a thick strip of padding, then slid everything into a 8 inch square box. A second piece of padding filled up the remaining empty space. When I was done I shook the box and didn't feel any movement. The tumbler was completely secure.

At the post office the clerk asked me the standard Hazmat question: "Does this parcel contain anything fragile, liquid, perishable, or potentially hazardous, including lithium batteries and perfume?”

I replied that there was glass, and hit the yes button on the screen. The clerk printed out the label and attached it to the package. I know that boxes can really get jostled around, and I asked the clerk if she would please stamp the box fragile.

The clerk rolled her eyes a little, then grabbed a red Fragile stamp and applied it to the front of the box four times. Then she applied the stamp at least that many times on the other five sides of the box. When she was done there wasn't much cardboard that didn't have red on it.

I hope that's good enough to get the glass to its destination in one piece.

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  1. Keep those fingers crossed. I knew a guy a long time ago that worked at the main post office. If they got a fragile package they would carefully place it in a cart, at the bottom. Then they would proceed to dump everything heavy they could find into the cart. Hopefully that little game has long ago ended.

  2. I sure hope the clerk didn't stamp your package too hard! 😁

  3. Sorry, but don't count on it. We have boxes clearly marked "fragile" in multiple places delivered to our house regularly, and I often see the mailman throw the packages or slide them like a frisbee from the lawn up onto our front porch. Good luck.