Saturday, January 9, 2021

Twice Ten

It seems like Hubby Tony just got done celebrating him completing one tenth of the last 100 days until his retirement, then I turned around and another tenth was gone.

Today we went to the mall to pick up something he ordered,. When we got home I spent a couple of hours working on a computer project while he ran to the grocery to purchase some ingredients for tomorrow's dinner. We went to Mass, picked up a doodad at Best Buy (via their curbside option), then went out to dinner. In an actual restaurant! On Monday, restaurants in the county reopened for limited indoor dining for the first time since mid-November when the County Executive suspended it.

(There are lots of  safety protocols in place. Restaurants can't have more than 25 percent of the tables filled, must close by 10 pm, and have to get a name and contact information for each party for contract tracing purposes.)

We chose a place that has great bar food and lots of TVs showing sports. Everyone I saw waking around had a mask on, and people kept their distance. There were a lot of good choices on the menu, but I decided on a buffalo chicken wrap with onion rings. Tony chose fish and chips. 

We had great service. The server stopped by our table a couple of times to see how we liked our food and refill our drinks. When she brought out our bill she thanked us for coming in, and said she really appreciated our support. In honor of that and Tony's work milestone we made sure we left a 20 percent tip. 

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  1. Great you were able to dine out. Cases in Toronto are sky high no indoor dining for now.

  2. Replies
    1. I will not go into any place if I see people without masks inside (although people sitting at their own table eating are an exception).

  3. We are locked down again, but when something is open, we're going. Sadly our favorite pub closed.

  4. We've been leaving tips for our take-out orders too.

  5. That's nice to get out and enjoy a dinner. We can't yet do that but hopefully soon. Some counties are cleared for indoor dining in Oregon but not ours yet.

  6. Great to hear you were able to enjoy a dinner out. We can do pick up or delivery only, not to worry though as I don't eat out much, it's kind of boring eating out by myself... unless I'm starving, then that changes things up immensely! :-)

    1. I don't think I'd make the effort to eat out by myself now either.