Monday, May 25, 2020

Pedal Power Accomplishment

We chose our new neighborhood partly because it has a reputation of being easy to navigate on both foot and bicycle. Hubby Tony and I have done a lot of walking, especially since the quarantine started. Back in very early spring, when the weather was still cold and nasty, we got our bikes serviced so they would be ready to use. Then they went back into our storage area to wait.

Finally the weather started to cooperate and we thought about getting out to ride. However, before we could go anywhere first we had to get out of our neighborhood.  The arterial street next to the main entrance of our community is full of hills. The riders I see navigating them are fit, wearing tight spandex shorts and professional-looking jerseys. The idea of going that way was a little intimidating.

Tony charted out a route through the back of the community that avoids the hills, but depending on the destination that can add an additional 10-15 minutes to the trip. I set myself a goal to master the main road.
(If you turn left from our community onto the street you coast down half a hill and pedal over a short flat section before you hit one steep incline and a stop light. After the light the hill slopes down and then it's flat for a miles. If you turn right there are three steep inclines before things flatten out. I told Tony that one day I was going to attempt the less-hilly section and see what happened.)
I decided that today was the day. There was a good chance of rain after lunch, so after breakfast Tony and I breakfast filled our water bottles and went down to get the bikes out.

I left the condo area first, turning left. Heading down the hill was incredibly easy, as I knew it would be.  I enjoyed heading across the flat area, but knew that my challenge was ahead. Sure enough, the road started climbing. I dropped down a couple of gears and kept going. Halfway up the hill my legs started screaming and I could hardly breathe. It was tempting to stop and walk, but I kept going...and made it!

The stoplight at top of the hill was red, so I stopped to catch my breath. Tony showed up soon after. When the light turned green we look off to continue our ride.

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  1. Yayyyyy! Good for you both! I'm betting you'll be mastering that area quickly! You have to take some photos of the area you ride through for us so we can enjoy it with you. I sure wish I had a bike -- I miss riding!

    1. Thanks for the photo idea! Some parts of the route are beautiful.

  2. I really must dig out my bike. Drivers here are so fast, though. We're on a rural highway.

  3. Well done. Lotta work on your part.

  4. You did it! I always feel so great when I set a difficult goal and reach it.

  5. I haven't ridden a bike in a very long time, so hats off to you!