Monday, May 11, 2020

Heavens To Chicken

Hubby Tony always cooks dinner on Sunday. Yesterday, he told me choose a Mother's Day menu and he would take care of putting it together. I knew exactly what I wanted. Earlier in the week I had seen an ad for a restaurant featuring family-style fried chicken dinners to go. Unfortunately, that restaurant was pretty far away from our house, but seeing the pieces of crispy, juicy chicken made me want some.

I only indulge in fried chicken a couple of times a year. I prefer white meat to dark, but my favorite part of fried chicken is really the skin; I think that chicken fingers have the best ratio of meat to crust. At first Tony was going to get the fingers from the grocery store (and make the rest of the dinner from scratch), but they've recently cut back on the selection in their deli department and he couldn't be sure they were available. I suggested that he drive through Raising Cane's. It's close to our house, and they their limited menu only has a couple of items...chicken fingers, fries, slaw, and Texas Toast. They know what they're doing.

Yesterday before Tony left to pick up our entree he made cole slaw and started sweet potato fries in the oven. He was only gone ten minutes before he sent me a text saying that the Raising Cane's parking lot was filled with fire trucks and ambulances and he couldn't get in, so he was heading to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

KFC was farther away, and I was appreciative that Tony would drive the extra distance, but I was disappointed. The chicken fingers that Tony brought home were less than piping hot and their seasoning left something to be desired.

Tony bought just enough chicken for one meal, and told me he tomorrow he would go get what I really wanted. Tonight as he left to pick up the chicken I set the table, heated the sweet potato fries, and put out the slaw. When Tony got back we added the chicken to the table and sat down to eat.

I took one bite of a chicken finger and was in heaven. The fresh-tasting piece was juicy and tender, and the thick crust was crisp and well-seasoned. Exactly what I had been looking for.

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  1. Glad you got your special dinner! I would love some fresh fish and chips. We haven’t done takeout since this thing started.

  2. We've been doing takeout once a week for a treat. Also, to support our local businesses. It's been iffy, but I'm just danged happy not to cook.

  3. Ah ... KFC ... and chips ... and milk skake ... don't forget the milk shake.

    God bless.

    1. If I was going to have a milk shake I think I'd choose somewhere more known for the drink than KFC.

  4. I'm glad you got your chicken, at last.