Friday, May 8, 2020

An Unexpected Musical Treat

Hubby Tony started work early today, and so he also finished early. Working from home means no commute time, so by 3:00 he was ready for the weekend to start.

So was I. But there were no activities planned, and nothing to do. We decided to take another (!) walk. Our first choice of a route ended up being a little muddy, so we decided to head in a direction we hadn't been before-west over the nearby interstate, north on the major residential road just past the highway, and then looping back to our place.

The highway overpass had a nice walkway, but it was still a little disconcerting to watch the traffic speed by underneath. When we  turned right and headed up the street I quickly realized the inclines that are so easy to navigate in a car were actually pretty steep when on foot. We eventually made it to the top of the last hill, though, and turned right again. All of a sudden I heard music.

Keyboard, vibraphone, drums
I looked over at the strip mall to the right, which has a restaurant on the end that was closest to us. On a patio just outside the restaurant a jazz trio was playing.

Tony and I decided to sit and listen to some of their music. We stepped off the sidewalk and took a seat on the grass under a large pine tree. While I listened to the music I looked at the parking lot, which was set up with a dining room chair in every other space so there was plenty of distance between. About a third of the spaces were filled.

At the end of the trio's song Tony and I clapped. I saw someone in one of the cars offer a thumbs-up, and realized that there were people inside them listening to the music. A restaurant employee walked a bag that I assume contained food over to one of the cars.

Tony and I listened for about ten minutes then I realized I was getting hungry, and we decided to continue on our way. The restaurant's website indicated that they were going to have several more 'car concerts'. What a great idea!

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  1. We have to adjust to a new normal.

  2. Oh gosh! That is so cool. Christine is right. It’s a new normal.

  3. What a lovely bit of serendipity. Although I keep hearing about and reading out these concerts in various places, not much in Fresno. The only thing I've heard about is a young girl who plays her harp every Friday evening in a very upscale, private enclave of homes that surround a lake.

    1. I would have told you there would be nothing in my area, either. I would have been wrong.