Thursday, August 27, 2009

WHAT'S Your Name?

I read about this Web-based anagram maker somewhere a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I can't remember where.

The site, which is titled Find your name's best anagram, is incredibly simple--just a box to type your name in and a "Find It" button to sent the information through cyberspace Below the box are these directions, "For a more hilarious anagram you could try your middle name too or maybe a nickname in the middle".

I anagramed my first, middle, and last name as well as those of Tony and the three boys. Say hello to our family:
  • Darling and Daft Necrosis
  • Enjoy and Sporting Thrashes
  • Darn! Hot Enjoy Sharp Jesting
  • Genial Handshake Threatens, and
  • Brainsick, Retardant Pig
Yep, we're a pretty colorful group.


  1. Yes, it is fun. Tony and I actually did it again with the names we actually go by, and even the cat's names.

  2. It couldn't handle zody...delaine came out leaden. I wasn't too happy with that.

  3. NEEDLE MERL....
    Ok so it's not glamorous...
    but I sort of like it.
    Thank you,
    have a grat weekend.

  4. Oh wonderful!! I love anagrams... must to my to do it now!

  5. I love anagrams! I stink @ them, but I love them.