Thursday, August 6, 2009

Interesting Times

I've been off work this week, and I haven't done much but eat, read trashy fiction, and spend too much time on the computer. Today I realized that I let the week get away from me without having any adventures. (I never work on Friday, so tomorrow will be a "normal" day, doing all the things I do on Fridays.) I was irritated with myself until I read this in one of the books I have on my nightstand: "Today there are wonders all around me, if I open my eyes and enjoy them...I'll notice interesting an arrangement of clouds". It made me realize that if I changed my attitude I could make my own adventure; I didn't need big elaborate plans.

The front porch was still shady after lunch, so I took the newspaper and went outside to sit. There was a nice breeze blowing and not a lot of humidity. I ignored the grass that needs to be cut and the bushes that are getting overgrown, took off my shoes so my bare feet could dangle over the side of the chair, and concentrated on all the interesting things that were happening around me.

I saw big white and fluffy clouds, but I also saw bees of all different sizes buzzing in and out of the flowers and white and yellow butterflies flitting about. I took some time to admire my across-the-street neighbor's flowers that I never see when I'm in my car. I heard the hum of air conditioners, a woodpecker beating on a tree somewhere, and cicadas droning in the distance. I also heard the cats pawing at the dining room window telling me it was time to eat, but I ignored them.

I picked up the newspaper and started reading, and was halfway through the second section when I heard a strong buzzing sound. A hummingbird had stopped to feed on a red canna about four feet from where I was sitting! I was so close, I could have reached out and touched it. The bird spent a minute moving from blossom to blossom. Each time it moved, it made a chirping sound. Just like the bird, the sound was diminutive. If I hadn't been paying attention I would have missed it.

All of a sudden my feet started getting hot. I looked down and saw that the sun was starting to encroach upon my sanctuary. It was time to go, so I gathered all my things and headed inside, but not without a last glance at the beautiful clouds that were my inspiration for the day.

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  1. Good for you--it is the simple things that give us hope and make us happy