Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(Party Like It's) 1979

When I was in high school and college oh so long ago, my radio preset buttons were set to stations that played progressive rock and disco. It was a strange combination, but it took care of any type of music mood. Guitar-based rock was great for sitting and listening, and the thumping bass and beats of the disco music were great for when I wanted to move! Today my music repertoire has expanded. I listen to almost every type of music. However, I really enjoy going back to that first music.

All the way home from work today I was treated to a set of classic disco on the radio. First there was some Love Unlimited Orchestra, then "Car Wash". Next came "Good Times" by Chic, then the classic Boz Scaggs "Lowdown". As I was pulling into the garage the song "Tell Me That I'm Dreaming" by Was (Not Was) came on. This song came out a little later than the others, but it's still disco-worthy. When I got out of the car, I left the door open, turned the radio all the way up, and danced down to the mailbox. Then I came back and did a little dancing in the garage.

Here's the song, if you feel like getting your groove on, too:

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