Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Half Staff

Did you know that this week is National Police Week, and May 15th is Peace Officers Memorial Day? I didn't.

According to Wikipedia, Peace Officers Memorial Day is a United States observance that "pays tribute to the local, state, and federal peace officers who have died, or who have been disabled, in the line of duty".

The Day and Week were created by Congress in October of 1961, and President John F. Kennedy signed the bill into law. In 1994 President Bill Clinton directed that the flag of the United States be flown at half staff on May 15, one of two days which requires American flags be lowered to half-staff by federal law. (The other is Memorial Day.)


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  1. May they rest in peace -Christine

  2. So that's why a cop on the news had a black band on his badge.

  3. Yes, I noticed the flag at school was at half-mast on Wednesday.

  4. Let's appreciate and honor those who help all of us! Aloha friend

    1. Amen! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Kathy. I was unaware as well.

  6. Thank you for your comment on Forgiveness on my Blog. I have responded there.

    God bless.