Monday, September 6, 2021

Labor Day Levity

In the United States Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday in September. The day honors and recognizes the American labor movement and the achievements of workers. It's also the unofficial end of the summer season.  In honor of the day here's some funnies about jobs and work.

Why did the man leave his job at the doughnut shop? 
He easily got exhausted of the hole concept. 
Why did a woman stop going work because of what her boss said? 
He told her that she's fired. 
Why did the tailor leave his job? 
He felt de-pleated at the end of each day. 
What did Bob tell his parents about his career goal? 
I am aspirin' to be a professional pharmacist. 
Why did a boy give up his dream of being a barber? 
He tried to, but he just didn't make the cut. 
Why was the diva excited about starting her mirror inspecting job? 
She could see herself doing it for a long time. 
What the pilot say when he hadn't studied for his big airline exam?
I'm just going to wing it. 
Why were the police on a lookout for the maze designer? 
He had gotten lost in his own work. 
Why did the young girl resign from her job at the Velcro factory? 
In the end, she couldn't stick with it. 
Why was the astronomer so happy about his first job? 
His career was looking up. 
Why can't people with temper issues become good badminton players? 
They're too high strung. 
Why didn't the government pay attention to the issues of the people who worked in caves on Labor Day? 
They considered them miner issues. 
Why was the young boy's mother unhappy about him becoming a baker? 
She thought he wasn't making enough dough. 
Why did the astrologer not choose to become a historian when he was in high school? 
He didn't see a future in that field. 
Why shouldn't people who don't like stressful jobs work for pool maintenance? 
The work is considered to be rather draining. 
Why shouldn't people with a mean attitude become masseurs? 
Nobody wants to be rubbed the wrong way.
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  1. Funny ones hope you enjoyed your labour day we also celebrate in Canada

  2. Happy Labor Day and thanks for the funnies.

  3. 'Mike, the maze designer" Did you edit this joke? I like mazes.

    1. Huh?

      Glad you like mazes. I'm not a particular fan.

    2. So you didn't find this joke in the same place I found it. When I see a lot of jokes like this I go looking to see where they came from for a possible new source.

      Here's the joke I found...
      15. Why were the police on a lookout for Mike, the maze designer? He had gotten lost in his own work.

      I knew I was taking a chance on this not being the place where you found the jokes, but I took a chance. Sorry I confused you.

      Here's the place I found them...

    3. Got it! Hope your research led to you to some good funnies I'll see on your blog.

  4. Funny ones hope you enjoyed your labour day