Wednesday, August 18, 2021


Hubby Tony had a minor same-day procedure scheduled at one of our local hospitals today. 

He had to be there at 6 am. For the first time in months I set my alarm, which went off a little before 5. That gave me just enough time to eat a quick breakfast, brush my teeth, put together a lunch, and gather the things I would need to entertain me for a couple of hours. 

It was still completely dark when we left for the hospital, and traffic was light. It's often hard to find a spot in the parking garage but this morning I snagged a spot not too far from the door. Once in the building Tony knew exactly where to find the same-day surgery office because he had been there last week for a pre-procedure Covid test.

Between the two of us we've only had a handful of procedures, but in my experience they build in a lot of waiting time. Tony checked in as scheduled, but didn't leave for the operating room until two hours later. During that time he talked to a secretary, a nurse assistant, two nurses, an anesthesiologist, and the doctor. I lost count of the number of times he gave his complete name and date of birth and what type of procedure he was having done.

Because of Covid the same-day surgery waiting room was closed. Once they wheeled Tony out of the pre-op room I spent the next 2 1/2 hours killing time. I walked outside until it got too hot, then sat in my car and read for a while. Eventually I went to the cafeteria, where the people waiting there outnumbered the people eating. 

I got a call from the doctor when the procedure was finished at 9:30, and he told me I would receive another call when Tony had been moved to a recovery room. That happened about an hour later. I gathered up my things and went to join him

Tony was drinking some cranberry juice and eating crackers when I arrived. The post-op system is just as slow moving as the pre-op, and it was made worse when Tony's body took longer to pass through some basic milestones before they could discharge him. 

However, eventually the nurse called the doctor, explained the situation, and got his permission to send Tony on his way. He was putting on his clothes when I left to get the car. By the time I drove around to the door Tony had been 'chauffeured' out by a wheelchair porter. He climbed in the car and we were on our way home.

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  1. Mended - sounds good.
    Hard times in hospitals because of Covid. I 've just heard that many female doctors with kids at home take long vacations (they're afraid to catch the virus).

    1. I hadn't heard that, but I can see where it would make sense.

  2. "complete name and date of birth and what type of procedure he was having done"
    And yet you still hear stories about the wrong body part being operated on. We've had some "sharpie, x marks the spot" put on by the nurses recently.

  3. That must have been a relief! I've waited so many times for hubby.