Friday, March 25, 2016

Knuckle Down

In doing research on the benefits of my new lemongrass essential oil  I learned it could be good for  
sore joints or muscles, so yesterday when I developed a weird ache on my right knuckles I decided to give it a try.  Right before I went to bed I massaged a drop of the oil on the achy area, then settled in for the night.  Sadly, the ache wasn't completely gone this morning (although I think it was a little less intense), so I can't call my experiment completely successful.
Although the oil didn't do much to take away the ache, I did noticed two things:
  • When I'm falling asleep I curl up with my hand next to my face. The lemon-y scent was too stimulating for bedtime.
  • The cats did NOT like the smell!  Which gave me an idea...
Each year I overwinter a philodendron plant on the window seat in the kitchen. The cats like to eat on the leaves, and by the time spring comes the plant looks pretty raggedy. When I brought the plant in for the season I placed the pot inside a large clear produce bag to protect the leaves. It kept the cats out but didn't look great.

This morning I added a couple of drops of the oil to a cotton ball and nestled it among the leaves.  Bet they'll stay away now.

Five years ago today: Yikes!


  1. I"d like to hear how this works out. Persia could use something to keep her away from a few things.

    1. I spoke too soon. Today I caught one of the cats nosing around in the pot and saw evidence they'd been nibbling on things. The plastic is now over the pot again. At least it's now a short term solution until I can put it outside.

  2. I love getting over on kitties...never!