Thursday, March 31, 2016

Easter Mass And More

I've only been in a different city for Easter twice.  This year was one of them.

Because Son Tony knows the Phoenix area much better than Hubby Tony and I do, we asked for his suggestions for a church.  He was busy on a series of business trips, so he punted the job back to us, saying it would be nice for him to visit a new church, too. Hubby Tony took charge of the project, and after several back and forth emails we decided on St. Francis Xavier, about 30 miles from his house.

Church decorated for Easter

After Mass we headed for a non-traditional Easter lunch at a nearby Mexican restaurant, then came back to Tony's house to relax. After an hour or so of watching TV, though, Tony's friend Ie threw out the idea of going to the Bruce Munro: Sonoran Light exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden. After a little discussion we decided to make that our plans for the night.

We got to the garden early enough to walk through some of the displays while it was still light out.  There were more varieties of cactus and other desert plants than I've ever seen! As the daylight faded the walkways got very crowded.  Many others had the same idea we did.  The exhibition had eight light-based installations and more fiber optics strands than I'd ever seen. The highlight was called Field of Light, which had 30,000 lit spheres cascading down a hill.

After we'd seen all the installations we left the garden and headed for a nanobrewery (which produces beer in even smaller batches than a microbrewery).  Although they had an interesting-sounding list of brews on tap, I was there for the food, which Son Tony said was very good. I can vouch that it was.  The Salmon BLT came on a fresh wheat bun and had thick pieces of applewood smoked bacon and a house-made aioli.

My body kept telling me it was still on Central Daylight Time and it wanted to go to bed.  I wasn't the only one tired after a long day, so we piled in the car and headed back to Son Tony's.  More adventure awaited the next day!


  1. Oh that dinner sounds soooo good. Do you have any photos of the Field of light?

    1. I wish I DID have a decent photo of the the hillside lit up, but (sadly) my phone camera wasn't up to the task.

  2. Catching up on my reading, I am following along on your trip backwards. It sounds like a fabulous adventure!

    1. As long as you're reading I DON'T care what order it's in :-)