Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Cake Pan Purging

My plans to meet with a friend today got cancelled when she was called into work.  That left me with NO commitments for the entire day!  When my alarm went off this morning I was tempted to turn it off and go back to sleep, but instead I got up and got dressed for a trip to the gym.  Today I did a Zumba class, then drove home via the scenic route.  After a long shower and a hot lunch it was time to figure out the rest of the day.

I haven't worked on the basement decluttering project for a couple of weeks (I've been using my free time to do things in the yard and garden instead), so I decided to go downstairs and clean.  When I started the decluttering project in January I was attached to each and every thing in the room, and never thought I'd be able to get rid of anything.  However, each time I start a new session I'm able to let go of something else.  Today it was my collection of cake pans, which I started gathering in the late 1980s after I took a basic decorating class.  For several years I was the family's go-to for fancy cakes, but then the kids got older and I decided to stop.  The pans had been boxed up (actually in two large boxes) on a shelf ever since.

I opened the first box and discovered some of the pans had patches of mildew, so I carried them all upstairs for a good washing.  When I was done the counter top was completely covered.  There was a fancy Bundt pan, two sizes of round pans, three types of hexagons, miniature Easter egg and heart shaped muffin tins, and six shaped pans (Christmas tree, heart, stand-up lamb, dinosaur, rocking horse, and cross).  I boxed up the clean pans for the next thrift shop donation trip. 

Without the boxes of pans there was a large empty space of the shelf, so I rearranged items enough to make room to slide the wet vac and wheelbarrow on the floor underneath.  The room is looking cleaner and cleaner.

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  1. High Five!!! I finished decrapifying my studio today. Now I can create whenever I want!

  2. wow a job well done, and how great that the pans will be donated and not garbaged.

    1. It really bothers me to throw things in the trash, and I try to avoid it whenever possible.

  3. Isn't it amazing the things we did when younger! I gave away all my entertaining paraphernalia when we were considering downsizing. It sure made lots of room in the house which I seem to be filling up with toys and crafting supplies.

  4. When you're all done decluttering your house, feel free to stop by and work on my house!