Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our Bags Were Packed...

We were ready to go!

Last Saturday night Hubby Tony and I got on a plane to visit Son Tony in Phoenix, Arizona.  We'd been planning the trip for more than a month, but when I saw this horoscope in the Saturday morning paper I knew it was meant to be: 

It wasn't until we got home and I shared photos with Son Donald that he pointed out that the top four initials on the right spelled out his brother's name.  Crazy!

On the way to the airport we stopped at the grocery store and got enough cheese, bread, and deli turkey for two people to eat on the plane.  I put it all in my duffle bag and didn't think anything more about it until the bag got flagged by the machine going though security.  That triggered a manual check and bag swabbing by a TSA agent. When she opened the bag and saw the contents she chuckled, did her job, and sent me on my way with our 'suspicious' dinner.

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