Saturday, March 19, 2016

Take A Book, Leave A Book

About 2 years ago a free lending library popped up in front of a house in the next subdivision. The aqua green box is attached to a sturdy wooden pole and has a sign that reads “Take a book, leave a book”.

Most of the time I go by it it I'm in my car, but if I happen to be walking I'll stop and take a look to see what'sin  there.  At first the library contained mainly children's books, but over the months it's morphed into a collection that's a little bit of everything. There are fiction and non-fiction books for adults, teens, and children.  Paperback books predominate, but there are usually a couple of hard covers too.  Although the library has a wide variety available,  I've never found anything that was worth carrying home.  Until today.

This afternoon after I fed the cats I decided to get out and get some steps in.  I meandered up and down streets and eventually ended up at the mini library, then walked over and opened up the glass front to take a good look at what was inside. There were so many books they were double stacked on the shelf.  After digging thought the selection  I found a young adult book about the presidential election process.  Considering that we're in the middle of an election cycle I thought it would be an interesting read, so I tucked the book under my arm as I walked away.

Of course, by taking a book I was also committing to adding one of my own.  Tomorrow I'll choose one out of my collection and walk it over.  Gotta keep the cycle going.

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  1. This sounds like a good thing! Sometimes a young adult book can explain a complicated process more easily, and especially with politics I would need that!