Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Chiropractor Is Usually Right

The other day at the chiropractor office I learned how the sinuses are connected to the liver.  Sounds crazy, doesn't it?

When the doctor entered the treatment room for my adjustment, he asked me how my allergies were.  I wondered why, because I hadn't mentioned having any issues.  He said that since it was prime spring allergy season and he'd heard me sneeze a couple of times he made an assumption (which was correct).  I have very mild issues with pollen in the spring and fall.  A couple of times I week I take an antihistamine which clears everything up.

He proceeded to give me a short anatomy and physiology lesson.  I learned that histamine is a chemical substance which causes many of the symptoms of allergies. Antihistamine helps to block allergic reaction symptoms, but when the body’s histamine response function kicks in, other body systems are affected, too.

Instead of popping a pill whenever I started feeling wheezy, he suggested a supplement that would help my body's detoxification mechanisms.  Basically, if my liver was functioning well I wouldn't have allergy issues.  I was skeptical, but I've heard crazy-sounding things from the chiropractor before and they've always panned out the way he said they would.   The supplement didn't cost very much so I decided to try it.

The directions on the bottle said to take one capsule each day.  Twenty minutes after I downed one with a large glass of water I started feeling better, and my nose dried up.  I also had more energy and my headache went away.  Was it a real or placebo effect?  I didn't know, but I felt so good I decided I didn't care.

The next day I took the supplement again (and had no allergy symptoms), but the third day I decided to try an experiment and did NOT.  After lunch my eyes started watering and my nose ran.  I guess the chiropractor knew what he was talking about.  Since my allergies are so mild once things stop blooming I'll put the supplement bottle in the back of the cabinet.  I plan on keeping it handy for the fall allergy season, though.

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  1. OK... Himself needs this supplement!!! Is it available only thru your chiropractor?

  2. It's called Antronex, and manufactured by Standard Process. A quick search on the company Website listed five offices that carry it (but we have a lot of chiropractors around here).

    If it's not available in your area I wonder if you could find something similar at a health foods store.

  3. What does it have in it? What are the ingredients?

    1. from the company website, "Antronex contains yakriton, a liver fat extract discovered by Japanese researchers that is used to support the body's normal detoxification mechanisms." There's also a bit of calcium.