Saturday, May 10, 2014

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

When Hubby Tony and I woke up this morning the sky was blue and the temperature was perfect;  we decided it was a great day for a bike ride. After breakfast he put the bikes and helmets in the car and we headed towards a new-to-us trail along Clayton Road in the city of Town & Country, slightly northeast of our house.

The approximately three mile long asphalt trail was completed last year.   In most places it's separated from the road by a wide grassy strip, but in a couple of places fences or concrete barriers serve the purpose.  Since I'm usually driving this section of the road in my car I would have told you it was pretty flat, but on my bike I figured out there were a couple of gentle inclines to deal with. 

This section of Clayton is popular with bicyclists, and there were a lot of them out today--riding singly or in groups.  They wore fancy spandex shorts and form fitting jerseys.  In contrast, Tony and I wore t-shirts and loose-fitting bottoms.  The 'real' bikers traveled quickly on the right edge of the traffic lane, stopping only at the lights.  On our trail there were stop signs at every subdivision entrance, so we had to slow down and look for cars at each of them.  We also had to navigate around several people walking their dogs.

We rode from one end to the other, then turned around.  On the way back I noticed several side roads that that I'd like to try sometime. 

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  1. It's good, all the bike trails being built and mainlined.

    1. Yes, it is. I wish there was one close enough to my house that I didn't have to transport the bike there.