Saturday, May 17, 2014

Get Hot

Several months ago I had a private yoga class in the privacy of my living room.  My instructor was DIL Nicole, who was in training to be an instructor.  I'm happy to say she's passed all her requirements, and now she teaches classes at her gym.

Not just any type of yoga, though.  She teaches Hot Yoga, which is done in a special hot (approximately 100°) and humid (40%) studio. I've never done it before, and told Nicole I wanted to come take one of her classes.  However, she and Son Brian live halfway across the state so the Saturday morning class required an overnight stay.  Earlier this week I realized I had no commitments this weekend that couldn't be changed.  I cleared my calendar, and Friday afternoon I headed west on Interstate 70, arriving at Son Brian and Nicole's house just before dinner.

The guidelines for a Hot Yoga class are a different than what I'm used to. Starting with the wardrobe. For my weekly piloga class I wear a t-shirt, sports bra, and capris or baggy shorts. That wouldn't work this time; because the room is so hot I'd be sweating a lot and Nicole suggested  moisture wicking clothes.  I was online scoping out options when I came upon a website that touted their yoga tops that could double as swimwear and had a light bulb moment.  My swim suit had a long tankini top with a sewn-in bra that looked just like some of those fancy yoga togs.  I'm happy to say the top worked perfectly paired with my nicest-looking black yoga pants. 

The Hot Yoga studio at this gym is relatively small; they ask people to reserve a spot (preferably in advance).  Nicole thoughtfully got me on the list, so all I had to do was tell them my name at the front desk.  Once in the studio Nicole showed me a spot right under the blowers where the fresh air coming in would make it a little cooler.  I set up my mat with a towel on top to soak up sweat (another thing I'm not used to doing) and put my water bottle where I could get to it easily.

I was familiar with most of the class's poses, but it was different doing it with sweat dripping down my arms and off the tip of my nose.  Every fifteen minutes or so Nicole suggested we take a drink of water so we'd stay hydrated.  I was surprised how quickly the ninety minutes went by; soon it was time for the final relaxation.

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  1. My daughter does hot yoga.

  2. I think so, she keeps doing it. She does take breaks from it, though.