Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sign The Flag

Last week I was talking with the manager of the mall's Build-A-Bear Workshop store when she mentioned their upcoming promotion in conjunction with the USO -- an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most signatures on a flag.

This morning shortly before the mall opened I was walking around seeing what was new. When I passed Build-A-Bear their gates were already up, and there was a table just inside the entrance covered with a large piece of white plastic. Even before I saw the USO representative standing there I knew what was going on.

I explained I'd be working as soon as the mall opened and asked if I could sign the flag. Her answer was "of course". It was very easy to do, and took about a minute. The semi-transparent plastic had been placed over a grid. I was told to sign my name in one of the squares, and then enter my information on their tracking sheet. They'll combine this section of the flag with all the others.

The USO is such a great organization; I hope they meet their goal.

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  1. We've used the USO facilities several times. The one at Lambert Field is very nice. Anytime I'm at the airport I'll zip in there and leave off a donation.

    1. Do you know if just anyone can walk in if they want to donate?