Saturday, June 1, 2013

Predictably Unpredictable (Big Apple Chronicles-Day 7)

A spring vacation can be hard to pack for.  A couple of days before Hubby Tony and I left for New York City, the forecast showed daytime temperatures in the 70s, with a slight chance of rain the first couple of days.  I chose tops that could be layered: wrinkle-free t-shirts, a polyester button down shirt, a silk sweater, and a nice top for evening events.  To cover the bottom half of my body (in addition to the jeans I wore to the airport) I brought cropped jeans, khaki pants, black dress pants and one pair of shorts.  I also brought a travel rain jacket that folds into a pouch.

Our first day in New York was a perfect temperature, but we caught in a sudden heavy rain.  (The sun was shining when we left the hotel, so we didn't bring rain gear.)  After the rain the temperature dropped.  The next few days were in the high 50s and low 60s, with nighttime lows in the 40s.  Then it warmed up again.

The cool weather threw me for a loop.  In the morning I put on a clean t-shirt, then had to add my sweater on the way out of the hotel.  When I look at the photos, more than half of them show me wearing the same plain black pullover!

Getting ready to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Highlights of Vacation Day 7:
  • Ate breakfast in room
  • Went to McDonalds for coffee and Internet surfing
  • Packed suitcases
  • Checked out of hotel and had bags held at bellhop station
  • Took subway to Union Square.  
  • Walked around farmers market 
  • Rode subway to Harlem
  • Ate soul food for lunch at Sylvia’s Restaurant
  • Back to hotel to pick up bags
  • Took shuttle to airport
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  1. In all my visits to NYC, I've never walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. I AM going to get that done someday!

    1. I feel the same way about the Statue of Liberty, which is still closed due to storm damage last fall

  2. Layering is always a good idea! Your trip sounded wonderful!
    And I think I see some cloud submarines in the sky behind you! ha.

    1. Thanks for pointing out the cloud shapes. Submarines ARE appropriate since we're close to the water :-)

  3. You chose the right top! It looks very nice on you, and I'm sure that black fit in very well in NYC.

    1. Thank you. I keep this sweater with my travel clothes and use it just for vacations; silk is warm but lightweight, and perfect for travel. It was a Goodwill find a couple of years ago. When I bought it there was a tiny hole in the sleeve--I closed it with a couple of stitches and it doesn't show.