Friday, June 28, 2013

No (New) Shirt Needed

In the past week two friends have lost their fathers. Both men had been quite ill, so their passing, although anticipated, was bittersweet.

Hubby Tony and I will be going to both visitations. My dark-colored suit was looking a little shabby, so last night I decided to go shopping for a new outfit. I had the store hours wrong, though, and was in the dressing room when they announced the store was closing in ten minutes.  The only thing that fit well in the batch of clothes I got to try on was a black and white print skirt. I bought it, figuring I could do more shopping today.

I thought the skirt would look good with a short-sleeved blouse, either white or a bright solid for a pop of color. When I left the house for a meeting this morning I brought the skirt with me. After the meeting I headed for the closest strip mall that had a clothes store.

I browsed through all the racks and took an armful of shirts into the dressing room, but after trying them on I put everything back; they were all too tight, too faddy, or too low-cut. A second store yielded the same results, although I did find an azure blue t-shirt that made a cute informal outfit with the skirt. Nothing nice enough to wear to a funeral parlor, though.

I hung all the shirts on hangers.  As I was putting my clothes back on, I noticed the t-shirt I was wearing was new and crisp.  It was plain, but I suspected I could dress it up with jewelry.  When I got home I started a load of laundry that included the shirt.  Problem solved.

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  1. It's always nice when you find the perfect thing in your own closet! And the skirt sounds cute, too!

    Sorry about the losses, though! :(

  2. Sorry for your losses. Creative fashion solution!

  3. Good for you--shopping your own closet. I love it when I buy something that goes with something I already own. I'm sure you'll look real nice. Sorry for all your losses, though. We lost two dear women friends within a couple of weeks of each other. We keep seeing the same folk at the funerals.

  4. We knew one of the men who passed away very well, but had never met the other one.

  5. I'm always so relieved when I find something that will work. I'm so glad you found something too. I'm sorry you're having to attend such sad events.