Monday, June 17, 2013

It's Hard To See In The Rain

When I got off work this afternoon it was pouring. My car was parked on the top level of the parking garage; I only had to run about 50 feet to reach it, but by time I opened the door and got in I was drenched.  On the way home I listened to the radio, and heard that some areas had received two inches of rain in an hour. I had errands to do, but didn't relish getting in and out of the car in a deluge, so I decided to go straight home and venture out after dinner when (hopefully) the rain had lessened.

Sure enough, two hours later the rain had slowed to a heavy drizzle. I gathered my things and headed out to a strip mall that had two places I needed to go--the grocery store and the gym.  I parked close to the grocery, bought the two things I needed, then put my bag in the car and walked past three other storefronts to the gym.

When I left after my workout it was still raining. I trotted across the parking lot to my blue Honda CR-V and put my key in the door lock. It didn't work. I tried again with the same result. Feeling frustrated, I moved around to the passenger door. No luck there, either.

By this point I was really irritated. I looked at the things laying on the passenger seat. There was a set of Mapquest directions on top of the pile and realized this wasn't my car!  Thank goodness the owner didn't have an alarm set.  I sheepishly looked around and saw an identical blue CR-V parked four spots away. Not surprisingly, my key worked perfectly in its door.

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  1. omg, with my luck the owner would usually be right behind me!

  2. I've done that! Then mentally crawled to my own car while moving nonchalantly away.

  3. You too. LOL. When the remote failed to unlock the car, I was just about to try the key (which would probably have set off the alarm) when I saw beads instead of the cowboy hat I have hanging in my window. By the time I made it to my car, three spots down, I felt like every security camera in the mall lot was focused on me.

    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who does crazy things like this.