Sunday, March 28, 2010

You're Only As Old As You Feel

Saturday night Tony and I went to a surprise 40th anniversary party. The invitation indicated that we were invited to Boogie Down 70's Style.

After a bit of deliberation and shopping, I came up with my costume: a semi-hippie look, with elephant bell jeans, a "peasant-y" shirt and platform clogs. I couldn't find any jeans wide enough, so I made my own (just like back in the day) by ripping open the side seam of a pair of narrow jeans and sewing in a piece of material. I bought clogs with wooden platform bottoms at a thrift store; I could tell by the brand they were only a couple of years old, but they evoked the mood of the era. My hair was easy-I let it dry naturally straight, and parted it in the center. Tony wore jeans, a knit shirt with an open collar, his school ring, and a vintage necklace.

On the way to the party, we were scanning through the presets on the car radio to find something to listen to. We caught the end of a disco song. Perfect! Next was "Candle In the Wind" by Elton John, followed by Santana's Oye Como Va". We were loving the 1970's mood music. However, when the third song was over and the station went to a commercial, I found out we were listening to the OLDIES station!

When did I get old?


  1. It's not just the 70s. I frequent a website whose idea of nostalgia starts somewhere around 1992.

  2. The 'old' music is always the best right?... Now it's when you say things like that, that you know you're old!! ;0)

  3. Kathy-1992? I have socks older than that?

    Eternally Distracted-You're so right.

  4. Shoot! I have children older than that....smiles.
    I feel especially old today, as my sweetie and I were invited to a party yesterday.....that we forgot to go to....truly a senior moment...smiles.

  5. My BF is 10 years younger than me... and occassionaly that gap rears its head. Like the time we were shopping and some song came on their radio - the Eagles I think. She was humming it and I said something about her liking it.

    Her reply - "Yeah, my mom used to listen to them when I was little".

    I winged a pillow at her!

    Kathy - it might have been the very radio station you were listening to... as we were in the Kirkwood Home Goods store! LOL

  6. I ask the same question.

  7. Emom-Can you blame it on your sweetie's jet lag from his trip?

    Teri-Ouch! I hope that pillow hit her good. Yes, you're right that it probably was the same station.