Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sharing Local Information

If you live in St. Louis, Denver, Las Vegas, or San Diego, there's a great new resource for finding things to do called Urbhub. It allows you to ask and answer questions about local places and happenings (a blurb) in 140 characters or less, making it quick and easy to exchange information.

From the Website:
Urbhub takes something basic, like asking a friend - "What's a good place for sushi?" or "Are there any sales this weekend?" - and broadcasts that to your neighbors, visitors, and friends.
Why these four cities? Brad Hogan, the owner, has connections in all of them. His theory is finding new things to do, whether as a tourist, local, or new resident shouldn't be complicated.

The site has some features that are similar to other social networking sites. You're encouraged to invite your friends to join (the more people involved, the better the site's content). If you appreciate what someone has written, you can LIKE it. You can also share the site's content with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

However, Urbhub has a couple of unique features. First, the blubs you create can get you discounts. Each time someone LIKES your blurb, you earn a point. You can use the points to obtain discounts provided by local business. The second distinctive attribute is called Ego Busting. If you think a blurb is too self-centered, self-promoting, or spam, you can DISLIKE it. If too many people dislike something, that author isn't allowed to create new content for a period of time.

At this point Urbhub is still in it's Beta launch. Check it out and help Brad test out his concept!

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  1. Hey, Kathy.

    It's possible that you described the site better than I do :). Thanks for your support. If anyone has questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to let me (or Kathy) know.

    Thank you,
    Brad Hogan (aka Urbhub's first user)