Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get A Job!

I love my job, but it's not full time. I only work 20 hours per week, and I'd like something more substantial. This is the time of year when education professionals indicate whether or not they're accepting a contract for next year, so I decided to fill out a few applications and get in the queue for any teacher or assistant openings.

This morning, I applied for a behind-the-scenes job with my local district. Filling out job applications is one of my least favorite activities. It's nice to be able to do it online, because I was able to gather the needed details from my files as I went along, but it takes a VERY long time. Fortunately, I had copies of the applications I'd filled out last year, so I didn't have to search for many of the addresses, phone numbers, and employment dates. After I finished the process and sent the application through cyberspace, I e-mailed my references and contacted the Registrar department at my college to request an official transcript.

The second application was easier. In our county all of the public special education services are provided by the Special School District. Having one entity to deal with makes the application process much smoother.

I was pleasantly surprised when I could still access my online application from earlier in the year. All I had to do was update it with my new job information. The district had updated things, too. Now the reference process is electronic; instead of printing off a form for each person to fill out and getting it to them, they're e-mailed a reference request directly from the district. I was also able to scan my college transcript and teaching license and attach them to the file before I sent it off.

It feels good to have applications submitted. Now all I have to do is wait for some phone calls!


  1. Good luck! Hope you get some positive responses :o)

  2. How fun for you! I love doing things online, too...how wonderful and smooth. Maybe a new job will be available that you love! I hope so!

  3. Good luck! I hope you find something you enjoy.