Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who Comes Up With These?

I was looking up a synonym for grow on Thesaurus.com the other day. When you use the Website, your result includes a few ads and a sidebar of related searches.

I got the answer to my original query, and these related links:
  • Grow game
  • Grow geography
  • Grow taller
  • Indoor marijuana growing
  • Grow tips on marijuana
  • Grow cube
  • Cannabis growing
  • Grow rpg
  • Growing weed indoors
  • Grow hydroponic weed
  • Grow my own marijuana
  • Grow cube walkthrough
HOW (and why) did they choose these topics?


  1. I shudder to think of the information that is out there for kids to stumble across.

  2. Oh my gosh. How strange and funny. Your blog is always such a treat. Your posts always surprise me.

  3. Teri-Gotta agree with you.

    Kathy M-Thanks.

  4. Someone has to put the data in....... wonder who that someone is and what they are doing.