Monday, April 6, 2009

No-No Parking

I'm a rules follower. I stop at stop signs and observe speed limits. I don't talk loudly in the library, and I turn my cell phone off when asked to do so. However, today I stepped outside the box for a bit when I parked in a no-parking area.

I've been doing census enumerating in neighborhoods close to my house. Many of the streets in the area are part of a Parking Permit Required zone during weekdays, because they don't want students from the nearby high school parking there. I tried to get everything done in that area over the weekend, but didn't quite succeed. After lunch today I set out to complete the job.

The area was about a half mile away, in a subdivision that connects with mine. I parked the car right underneath a sign that said "No Parking Without Permit 7:30-3:30", got out and looked around. I don't know if the police patrol and ticket cars they see parked in the area illegally or if they wait for an angry resident to call. Most of the houses on the block looked unoccupied, but I wanted to do everything I could to avoid trouble. I put one of my "Official Census Business" signs on the dashboard so it could be seen through the front window and the other one in the back window. I had three different streets to visit, and the job took me about 15 minutes to complete. I was very glad to return to my car and not see a parking ticket.

It felt kinda good to be a rebel...maybe tomorrow I won't push my chair in when I get up from the table!


  1. I'm not a rebel in any way. I probably would have parked there, but I would have been slightly stressed about it the entire time.

  2. Good for you! I follow the rules most of the time but love to be a rebel now and again. I have to say it's more fun being the rebel (shhh....don't tell my kids). I've loved following your new job - I always thought doing census work would be so interesting!

  3. Ooooh Baby! Take a walk on the wild side...

    Now that's the Kathy I always knew was in there. Always, always, always question authority.

    What's next for you? How about tearing those labels off of your pillows? Or try making a right turn on red when a "No Right Turn on Red" sign is posted. (Look for cops and oncoming traffic, of course.) That always revs me up. But don't EVER park in a handicapped spot; that's just mean.

    Glad to see you're still blogging.

    I love you, Joe

  4. come over and read my parking post...don't park the wrong direction.

  5. dk, I read your post earlier this afternoon, and was surprised at how two "great" minds could come up with the same topic!

  6. Joe, I'm thinking I might roll through some stop signs...what do you think?

  7. You're a bad, bad girl...

    Love ya, Joe