Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Big Switch

I feel restless if I don't exercise on a regular basis. Right now I'm doing enough walking working for the census that I'm passing on trips to the gym, but that will eventually come to an end.

When Tony became a member of a gym a couple of years ago, he convinced me to join with him. I was sure I wouldn't use it enough to get my money's worth, but I was soon hooked, and try to go four or five days a week. Our gym raised their prices last month, so Tony looked around for other alternatives. After a bit of searching, he joined a different gym. As part of his membership, they offered me a free pass and a personal training session if I came in for a visit within 30 days. The month was almost up, so this morning I took advantage of the offer. I liked what I saw, so today I joined a different gym.

When I arrived for my appointment this morning, the person at the front desk called me by name. All of the staff was friendly and welcoming. While I was there, there was a wide range of ages and body types working out, so I was pretty sure I'd fit in. During my personal session, a trainer took my measurements, checked my body mass index, then showed me how to use a variety of machines that would work most of my major muscle groups.

This gym has only been open for several months, and everything from the front desk to the locker rooms was sparkling clean. The layout was pretty standard--there were rows of cardio equipment, an area for resistance machines, and a separate section off to the side for free weights. Every cardio machine had a TV attached to it, and a jack to plug in a headphone to hear the audio.

There is no hot tub, sauna, or swimming pool at the new facility, but I don't use those anyway. The day care area wasn't as nice, but that's another thing I have no use for. I'll have to change the group classes I participate in; this gym is missing some of my regulars, but has some the old gym didn't.

The sign on the door states it's open 24 hours, but the building isn't always “staffed”. The doors are unlocked and there's someone at the front desk between 6 AM and 10 PM. If you want to go at other times, members have a way to unlock the front door and get in. I think I'll try that once, just to say I did it.

After I signed the papers, I came home and canceled my original membership. I'll miss the women I've become friendly with at the old gym, but I have no doubt I'll strike up an acquaintance with some new people. In my experience, people really bond over sweat and sore muscles!


  1. I quit the gym almost a year ago. I think it's great when people can actually commit and get out there. I lacked that and it was sucking money from me every month for years!

  2. I'm glad you found a new gym you like. I can't imagine ever going to the gym between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. - I have trouble talking myself into going after 7.