Thursday, April 30, 2009

Enough, Already!

After a beautiful weekend it started raining Monday morning. It was cloudy on Tuesday. We did see a hint of sunshine Wednesday, just long enough for the grass to dry so we could cut it, but the rain started again about bedtime. Today has been nothing but gray with intermittent showers. There's a chance of rain for the next five days. The gloomy weather is starting to get to me.

How wet and gloomy has it been?
  • The damp towel I hung up after yesterday's shower was still clammy this morning.
  • The section of the yard where the sump pump disgorges has eroded a channel from all the water that's been removed from the basement.
  • The strawberries I put in the dehydrator today took hours longer to be done because all of the humidity in the air.
  • The laundry room redecorating has been put on hold; paint chips I hung on Monday are still there. I need to see the colors in daylight before I decide and that hasn't happened yet!
However, I'm trying to put a positive spin on these sodden days, and decided the wet weather wasn't going to stop my outside work. I took my shoes off and squished through the yard to do a bit of work in a perennial bed. There's some humongous dandelions growing in the middle of an clump of lobelia. Most of the 18 inch tall stems were going to seed, so I felt good about getting rid of them before they spewed their seeds all over the yard. The Creeping Jenny, which turns into Galloping Jenny in wet periods like this, got a trimming, and I captured a few pieces of vinca vine that were trying to escape to my neighbor's side of the fence.

When I was done my feet were cold and covered with mud and grass clippings. I scraped the mess off before I came back in the house, and decided that perhaps a sunny day would be better for the next set of yard work.


  1. I remember the humidity in Minnesota - everything damp - hair damp!

    It's so dry here we have to constantly lotion! Isn't there a happy middle?

  2. At least you're getting rain. We are in the third year of a drought here in California. I think we may be required to ration water this summer.

  3. Oooh, boy, I was able to post a comment here. Haven't been able to for a few attempts. After the previous one going through, I just had to tell you.

  4. Dk, I've not researched it, but it feels like overall April wasn't as rainy as usual. Last summer was very much over average; we'll see what the rest of the year holds.

    Lover of Life, we'll have major humidity here, too, once summer hits, rain or no rain.