Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hair Fun

Today I played with new hairstyles. I did it virtually, though; no trip to the beautician.

The site was easy to use and a lot of fun. You could work with the picture of the model that was provided, or upload your own picture. However, there were file size limitations, and many of the pictures I had on my hard drive were too big.

Once you decided on a head shot, it was time to start experimenting. There were dozens of hairstyle selections, in short, medium, and long lengths. You could make each cut longer or shorter, wider or narrower to fit the shape of your face, or flip it so the style would be reversed.

After the hairstyle was selected, it was time to think about colors. You could choose from multiple blond, dark, or red shades, and several exotic colors like green, purple, and blue. The final result depended on the color of the original hairstyle.

The only problem was that once you were finished there was no option to save a style you liked. I guess if I'd had a "winner" I could have printed the whole page out and taken it to the beautician next time I went, but none of the styles struck me as likely.


  1. Sounds like fun! How many times do we leave the salon thinking - this is NOT what I had in mind!

  2. Love the photo, LOL! I did this on another applicaton once and had the same issue with files being too big, etc. I want to try it again sometime though.