Monday, April 20, 2009

It's Not Easy To Be Green

We've had the same upright freezer in the basement for many years. I know it's not energy efficient because of its age, but it was never a priority to upgrade it. However, the state of Missouri is giving me a reason this week with a Show-Me Green Sales Tax Holiday on Energy Star-certified appliances. Some cities and other taxing districts are also waiving their municipal tax (although St. Louis County isn't one of them). We decided it was time for the old freezer to go.

I was excited to be making an environmentally friendly choices by buying an appliance that used less energy. We got in the car after dinner to check the prices at a couple of stores before we plunked down the debit card and bought something. I figured the whole errand would take less than an hour. Much to my surprise, we came away empty-handed; none of the stores had what we were looking for!

Tony and I made three stops on our trip. The first was to a locally-owned appliance store in a strip mall. They only had one freezer on the floor; it was way too big for us. The second was a Home Depot which is located in a city that wasn't collecting the municipal sales tax. They didn't have ANY freezers. The third stop was at an appliance-only Sears store on the way back home. They only had one to look at, and it wasn't Energy Star certified.

I came home and did some Internet research. I found one freezer that might work for us, but I'm reluctant to spend hundreds of dollars on something without seeing it first. I'll have to call around to some stores to see if they have the model (or something similar) in stock.

It shouldn't be this hard to be green!


  1. This is a big problem with the whole "green" thing. I feel like because not everyone is on board with it - your state has a great idea...but then there's nothing to buy!

  2. Last summer there was a promotion where the electricity company (I think) would come and pick up any fridges/freezers over 10 years old.

    I understand that old appliances use more electricity, but I'm not sure that is a higher environmental impact than the energy & materials needed to manufacture a new one. Ten years seems really short. (My "new" freezer is 5 years old.)

    Having said that, there is obviously a limit, and appliances do need to be replaced eventually. I'm surpised that you had such trouble finding something. Of course, the place where I got my freezer is going out of business, so I might have the same problem down the road when I need to replace the one I have now.

  3. We remodeled last fall, and I know what you mean, it isn't always easy to get "Energy Star" appliances. But well worth it when you do!

  4. I wonder how many people buy big freezers any more. When shopping was harder, I could understand why people felt the need to stock pile food, but now, with the grocery store only minutes away, i don't feel compelled to keep huge quantities of food in the house. As long as I can get through the week, I'm happy.