Monday, January 26, 2009

The Writing On The Wall

My painting adventure continues...

Several years ago Son Donald wanted to paint his room, because he wanted a change from the generic off-white walls. After a bit of negotiation, we settled on a medium grey color, which actually worked out pretty well; it did a good job of hiding the dirt that an adolescent boy inevitably carries in. However, now that the ceiling was clean and pristine, the rest of the room looked shabby. Today was the day to paint the bedroom walls, and since I got to pick the color this time, I decided to return the walls to a more neutral tan color.

After breakfast I assembled all my materials and got ready to start. As I did the first cutting in, I noticed what a significant color difference there was between the old paint and the new. That inspired me to add a bit of graffiti to the middle of the longest wall:

(KG is me and TG is Hubby Tony.)

The snapshot is the only evidence of my work. Like most graffiti, this decoration was temporary; after the wall was completely cut in, I grabbed the roller and put a fresh coat of paint over the whole thing.


  1. that is awesome that we have the same anniversary! what a great day!
    i've never heard of a school that requires athletics...was it private?

  2. Yes, the school that Son #1 went to was a very small religious high school--about 60 boys in each class.