Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Internet

A couple of weeks ago, when I started planning the food for my birthday celebration, I checked several Web sites to figure out how much to buy. I knew about how many people would be coming, and I wanted to make sure we had enough; nothing is more embarrassing than running out of eats.

I ended up bookmarking one site that seemed to have all the information I needed. There were pages for sandwiches, veggie trays, fruit trays, and beverages. I made my list and purchased my food and drinks accordingly.

I'm not sure who this woman was feeding, but my guests ate much less than hers. We had trays of leftover mostaccioli, bags of veggies, pounds of meat and cheese, and dozens of hoagie rolls. Some of the non-perishable things went straight into the pantry, but what to do with the things that wouldn't last?

We've eaten mostaccioli several days in a row, and I sent some home with son Donald. I couldn't let it go to waste, but I just couldn't bear the thought of having another plate of it tonight, so I came up with a new recipe to use leftovers. The pasta already contained a red sauce; I made a cheese sauce (with leftover cheese, of course!) and mixed the two together. I also made a salad with the remaining radishes.

However, enough is enough. I froze the rest of the pasta (several meals worth) for later.


  1. and for that reason I always choose dishes that I can freeze for later rather than stuff which has to be thrown away... but well done on your achievement of the past year and the catering for the party... Q for you, what is mostaccioli?


  2. Mostaccioli is a kind of pasta--like penne, but smooth. It's very popular at catered events around here.

  3. You can freeze bread too, and could always make soup of the veggies and freeze it too.

  4. Crunchy, I'm the QUEEN of using things up; I hate to see anything go to waste.

    (However, I did draw the line at eating the small amount of pasta that had gotten dried out in the roaster at the party--it went in the compost pile!)