Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cat Tales

It's funny how each of my cats, although they're litter mates, has different personalities.

Jackson is quite friendly when people are in the house. Pepper hides at the first sign of company. When the weather gets cold, Pepper is always seeking out a lap to sit on, but Jackson doesn't want to have anything to do with it.

Tonight I was using the computer in the kitchen when Pepper decided he needed some attention. He usually does this by walking in front of the monitor, then sitting right where he blocks most of it:

However, tonight when that didn't work he decided to climb from the desk into my lap. I was surprised; he's never tried anything like that before. Once he had all four paws on my lap, I started rubbing his belly. He flopped down and started purring. How could I make him leave? I moved my mouse over to the left side of the desk, the better to pet him. He started purring even louder and flexing his paws.

Pepper stayed curled up on my lap for about ten minutes. My back was starting to hurt, and I had to shift my position; I disturbed him enough that he got up, stretched, jumped onto the floor, and left the room.

He took up a sentinel position right outside the kitchen, waiting for me to finish in the kitchen and go sit down in the family room. His favorite place to nap on cold evenings is on a lap!


  1. He is seriously staring down the camera!

  2. I love your cats! My cat used to *hate* the computer. Anything that took up my attention was bad for him [even though he didn't really want my attention]. He used to swat @ the monitor - he really loathed screensavers.