Saturday, January 31, 2009

Creative Currency

Today made a shirt out of a one dollar bill.

I used directions from wikiHow to complete the project:
  • The first step was to fold the sides of the bill in to make the body.
  • Next, the corners on one end got folded down to make the collar.

  • After the collar was made, the bottom of the bill was folded up to make the body the correct length.

  • The last step was open up the bottom a bit, fold the sleeves out, then snuggle the bottom under the collar to hold it in place.
The project was pretty easy, although my bill was not very crisp; I couldn't get nice folds, which made my "shirt" a bit crooked. If I was going to give this to someone (the directions suggested this would be a creative way to leave a tip), I'd start with a new bill.


  1. I'm glad you gave a reason to do this. The tip idea is pretty clever. Do you think it would take more practice so you could do it quickly?

  2. I was surprised to read this HAD a real-world application; most origami seems to be for decoration only. I'm sure if I practiced I could do it quickly.

  3. I was going to do this for my original blog. However, origami makes me frustrated and I didn't want to end up ruining a five dollar bill.

  4. I would love to go to lunch with you and have you leave a few of these "shirts" for a the tip. It would be fun to see the waitstaff's expression.