Thursday, January 22, 2009

Watching Paint Dry

After removing the Sticky Tack from some of our bedroom ceilings, it was time to paint. I HATE painting ceilings because:
  • My neck always hurts when I'm done as a result of continually looking up.

  • I end up covered with paint. (Even my glasses get covered in tiny specks.)

  • It's hard to see what you're doing since you're putting new white paint over the existing stuff. I always miss spots and have to go back and touch them up.
My goal today was to paint the most stained ceiling. There was a partial gallon of ceiling paint from the last project that I thought would be enough, but I underestimated and it ran out when I was about two-thirds of the way through. Grumbling, I changed my clothes for a trip to the hardware store. As I surveyed the brands of paint available at my local big-box store, I saw something I've never seen before-color changing ceiling paint. It didn't cost any more than the regular white ceiling paint. I had to try it!

The paint label said..."Paints On Purple-Dries White. You Won't Miss A Spot!"

When I opened the gallon of paint, the light purple tinge was obvious. I poured some in my paint tray, grabbed the brush and roller, and started on the side that went paintless the first time. I have to admit the purple color made it easy to see if I was covering the ceiling well. It didn't take long for the purple hue to fade, though. By time I finished the first section of the room, the purple was much less obvious, but there was enough color left to allow me to
see where I'd already painted. I went up and down the room rolling the paint evenly across the ceiling.

After I was finished, the first section of the ceiling was almost entirely white in color.
An hour later, when I went in to do some cleanup, there was no remnants of purple left.


  1. That paint is great. Top 10 invention of the decade.

  2. Sounds like a great idea, and what a fantastic invention... I agree about the painting I usually get speckled in white spots when I paint.. or just covered in paint really.

  3. I've heard of this paint - it sounds like such a great innovation!