Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Convenient And Efficient

Several years ago when I opened a checking account for my business, I also signed up for the bank's Online Banking service. I've never used it, and lost the paperwork with my user name and password. However, I'm going to start having money direct deposited into the account, so I thought it would be nice to be able to see when it's been added without going to the bank. Today I activated an online banking account.

Tony's way ahead of me on this one. He set up our main household account for online banking a while back, and pays most of the bills online. However, my account operated just fine using checks and a debit card. There was no need to do any transactions electronically before now.

My first step today was to try to guess my user name and password on the bank's Website. I was unsuccessful, so I called the bank branch where I do all my business. They were able to help me a bit, but ultimately gave me a Customer Service number to call.

I was pleased with this bank's Customer Service setup. The automated menu didn't have a lot of options, and within 30 seconds I was talking to a real person. She reset my user name and password, giving me temporary ones to log in with. After my initial log in, the system prompted me to immediately change them, which was good because I would never remember the ones I was given!

With just a few keystrokes, my account information was displayed on my monitor. I expect the first deposit tomorrow; you can bet I'll be checking to see if it's there!

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  1. I love my online banking and would never go back to the old way. My check is directly deposited and I do make the payments directly from my account rather than having them automatically deducted. I want to maintain SOME control.