Thursday, June 24, 2021

I Told You So

The other day I received an email from a third-party restaurant delivery service that offered me a coupon code to take $20 off an order of $25 or more. That sounded like a great deal, but before I jumped on the offer I checked out the fine print. Everything seemed reasonable, and I decided it would be a good night not to cook dinner. 

The hamburger restaurant we chose was only a couple of miles from the house. I asked Hubby Tony if he wanted the food delivered or if he wanted to go pick it up. We agreed that we were hungry and didn't want to be at the mercy of a delivery driver who might or might not show up as expected.  Pick up it was.

On my desktop computer I clicked the link in the email which took me to the company's webpage, where it asked if I had a promo code. I copied the code from the email and pasted it into the box, hit the "Apply" button, and placed my order (burgers and fries for each of us). The total came to just over the minimum amount. 

However, on the checkout page my coupon code wasn't there. I tried copying and pasting it again from the email but had no luck. At this point I was hungry and annoyed. I decided to pay for the order and contact the company after dinner.  

At the restaurant the food was ready right when it should have been. We brought it home and enjoyed a nice meal. After the dishes were cleaned up I went back to the company's website to figure out how to contact them. That page was pretty well hidden, but eventually I found and completed the contact form outlining my issue and sent it off through cyberspace.

Approximately an hour later I received a response, which said:

Sorry to know about the trouble caused here. The situation you have described is certainly not the experience we expect you to have. It seems there wasn’t a promo code added to this order. You can apply promo codes in one of two ways: First, you can add promo codes by pressing the profile button (the silhouette of a person) in the app. Then, select “Promotions” and enter the code at the top of this screen before pressing “Apply”. Or, you can enter promo codes before submitting an order. When viewing your cart, scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Add Promo Code”. If this does not fully resolve your concern, please do respond back to this email thread. We'll be happy to help you and have a great day ahead.
That answer sounded snippy and did not exactly address my issue. I responded, outlining again the steps I had taken. A half hour later I received a second message that told me:

I’m sorry to hear that your promo code did not apply to your latest order. I’ve looked into your order and can confirm that there was a backend tech error that had caused this. I've refunded you the amount of $20.00 to reflect the code you were trying to use.

I felt vindicated.

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  1. Good job! That'll teach 'em to "fine print" you!

  2. Good! Well done for persevering. I love that sort of offer.

  3. Wow. I'm impressed that someone actually went to all that trouble.

    1. If I had received the email from an individual I would have expected them to honor it. I believe a company should do the same.

  4. I don't just take a "copy and paste" answer either, it just angers me. And although, like you, I've sometimes succeeded for all of my tenacity, in the end I do end up frustrated that I had to spend so much time and energy just to actually get what was offered in the first place.

    1. It sounds like we've two of a kind when it comes to being the squeaky wheel.

  5. Some websites do not accept copy/paste for security reasons. You have to type the code one character at a time.

    God bless.