Thursday, July 2, 2020

Financial Freedom

Because of bad timing, we purchased our condo a month before we sold our house. Hubby Tony and I originally planned to roll the proceeds from one residence to another. That didn't work, so we had to take out a short term loan.

When the sale was finalized back in January our checking account had its (by far!) largest influx of money ever. Most of the money was quickly transferred to investments. Because the loan paperwork we signed said it had to be active for at least six months or penalties would apply we made monthly payments to the loan company.

Last week we reached the magic six month mark. Hubby Tony quickly completed the paperwork to have enough money moved back into our checking account to pay it off and then wired from the bank. Yesterday he received an email that the money had been applied and the loan was cancelled. 

Tonight we went out for a celebration dinner at a white-tablecloth restaurant. For the first time in months we had a reason to get a little dressed up. At the restaurant, many of the tables had been removed to make sure the remaining ones were at least six feet apart. Our masked waiter stayed as far away from the table as possible, and had to talk loudly to make sure we heard him from his social distance.

We ended up having our most elaborate dinner in months...a starter of lavosh and cheese, then salads and entrees, followed by coffee and dessert. It was a nice celebration of our new financial freedom.


  1. What a great feeling! Congratulations.

  2. I know the feeling; years ago I bought the second house before I sold the first. Good for you to reach the point.

  3. Woohoo to loans being DONE! Love that. Love that. Love that.


  4. Now that is worth celebrating!
    "White-Tablecloth Restaurant" is such a perfect description.