Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Office Comes To The Cat

Did you know that this was Take Your Pet To Work Week? Or that the observance is bookended by Take Your Cat To Work Day on Monday and Take Your Dog To Work Day on Friday?

Jackson the Cat is not keen on being in the car, and if he went to someone's workplace he would hide inside his carrier, but since Hubby Tony and I started working from home in mid-March Jackson has been a constant presence. He especially seems to enjoy listening in on Zoom meetings from the bed in my office, but he's also been known to pick out a spot on the floor close to Tony where he can keep an eye on the entire front part of the condo.
Can't a guy get some quiet time after a hard day at the office?


  1. hahahahahahaha. Pets are the best. When Tim is in one room and I am in the other, Bug will sometimes plant herself in the middle. We call it, splitting the difference. Our older dog, long gone now, used to do that all the time.

  2. I not longer consider my office "work", but the cat is here when I'm here.

  3. Well, he looks be hard at work there, as a supervisor, I think.