Thursday, March 26, 2020

Adventures In Yoga, Virtually

Last week I had a great time playing LEGOs virtually. Today Grandson Jay and I had another play date, but this time we exercised together!

During one of our recent FaceTime calls Son Brian said that Jay enjoyed Cosmic Kids Yoga via YouTube videos. He wondered if it would be possible to do a video conference that included a video, and said he would investigate it.  Over the next few days Brian and I texted back and forth, and this afternoon I received an invitation and link to the conference website.

It took me a couple of tries to get everything up and running, but soon I was sharing my computer screen with Brian and Jay. After exchanging pleasantries Brian opened the YouTube page, and Jay picked one of the dozens of videos. We both rolled out our yoga mats, and Brian started the video. The video was on full screen, but I could see Jay in a small square on the right-hand side, and he could see me.

Before today, I was completely unfamiliar with Cosmic Kids. Jaime, the host, tells stories and weaves yoga poses into them. The session started with the "secret yoga code word", namaste. She led us through several traditional yoga poses, some jumping up and down, and finished with a short guided meditation, followed by the secret code word again. When the video was over Jay chose a second one. All together, we exercised for about a half hour.

So now I've built and exercised with Jay. I wonder what we'll come up with next?