Monday, November 18, 2019

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

This morning I had a tooth-cleaning appointment at the dentist. When I came out I had a text from our house-selling agent asking for me to call her.

On that call I learned that one half of the couple that had contracted to buy our house was self-employed, had lost two clients on Friday, and based on that they no longer had the necessary income to complete the sale. Our contract was being cancelled, and the house would have to go back on the market. OY!

The agent told me that after Hubby Tony and I signed the cancellation paperwork she was going to reach out to a couple of people that had shown interest in the past. The property's online listings would change back to For Sale, but carry a note that the house was back on the market through no fault of sellers.

I ended the call, but before I drove home I called Tony to discuss what this means for the condo we were going to purchase. (We're still mulling over the answer to that question.) However, I knew that my first job was to whip the house back into showing shape. Even though in theory we still could have had potential buyers come though the house, once we had a signed contract I had gotten a little lax about cleaning. I came home and dusted, polished, and de-cluttered for a couple of hours while pondering the possible next steps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And as if that news wasn't bad enough, later in the afternoon Tony and I took Pepper the cat to the vet. Over the weekend he stopped eating and had trouble walking. After the vet took a look at him, she told us that more than likely he had "thrown a clot" which was cutting off the main blood supply to the back legs. She said that since Pepper had already had one blood clot there would more than likely be additional ones. Based on her diagnosis we made the difficult decision to put Pepper to sleep, but we needed time to say goodbye. We left the vet's office with a supply of painkilling medicine and instructions to love on him and call when we were ready.

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  1. So sorry about Pepper. A gut wrenching decision indeed.

  2. Well let me tell you the thing I wished someone had told me before our Big Kitty went to Rainbow Bridge - and the thing that made it so much better for all of us when Grumpy recently followed her there.

    You can ask your vet to come to your home and do the needful. If your regular vet can't do it likely they will know of a mobile vet who is able to come and do that.

    We said goodbye to Big Kitty in 2013 at the vets and there has rarely been a day since where I wished we could have done that differently. A blogger I read not long after that had the vet come to their house and I thought.. that is exactly how it should have been for Big Kitty. At home among the things she knew with the people she loved.

    With Grumpy, she really hated going to the vet so I was quite determined we would do this at home. The lovely mobile vet came out and spent quite a lot of time with us, probably an hour and a half all up, settling Grumpy down and giving her plenty of calming happy drugs before the final drug. It did not cost us much more than going to the vet would have.

    I saw the vet last night at the supermarket and I wanted nothing more than to run up, grab both her hands in mine, and thank her endlessly for the gift she gave us. Because that went exactly how it should have and while we were deeply sad it was a great blessing to us to be able to say goodbye at home and have Grumpy surrounded by the things she loved and the people she loved.

    I'm going to send her a text message instead, because it probably would have been weird and also ended with me in tears.

    It is very difficult to say goodbye to a much loved pet, so anything we can do to make it easier on everyone involved is well worth doing. :)

    I send your Pepper much love, and hugs to all of you. It is a great kindness that we can do this for our loved animals but it is also a heart breaking decision we have to make.

    Keeping a good thought for you all.

    1. Having someone come to our house was an option, but in the end I decided that the commotion might upset our other cat Jackson more than it would benefit me. On the way to the vet I let Pepper ride on my lap as opposed to putting him in a cage. Once there he seemed to be at peace...I wonder if he remembered that 'that place' had helped him feel better in the past, and would do the same thing for him again this time.

  3. I'm sorry you are dealing with such bad news and sad feelings.

    1. Thank you. It was a day I'd soon like to forget.

  4. Oh Kathy, I'm so sorry for all the stress and sadness you're both having to endure.

  5. Tilly died of a saddle clot, a few months ago, just a sudden thing. I'm so sorry, it's not easy to make such a decision. My heart is with you.